Houston Truck Accident Lawyer in USA

Houston Truck Accident Lawyer in USA

Houston Truck Accident Lawyer in USA, Truck accidents can leave people with catastrophic, life-altering injuries. A truck accident can be caused by the negligence of a truck driver as well as the trucking company, but their insurance company will do its best to avoid liability for your injuries and damages. If you answer yes to any of these questions, you should talk to an experienced attorney to help you recover the financial compensation you deserve:

  • Did your injuries require medical treatment?
  • Does the doctor say you need additional treatment?
  • Are you having trouble working due to your injuries?
  • Are you still in pain?
  • Are you having trouble participating in the same activities you did before your accident?

Reach out to The Callahan Law Firm today. You will talk to one of our Houston truck accident lawyers about how we can help you following your accident. TRUCK ACCIDENTS STATISTICS IN

Have you been a victim of a truck accident and need a Houston accident lawyer? If so, contact our Houston truck accident attorney today! Big truck accidents happen every day in the Houston area and cause serious injuries! Our truck accident lawyers have recovered millions for those injured in truck accidents. Call our Houston truck accident lawyer now to get the compensation you deserve! Unfortunately, truck accidents are on the rise because of the increase in deliveries in Texas due to the Covid-19 pandemic. You might have noticed the increase in commercial truck and commercial vehicle traffic such as Amazon vans in your local neighborhood. As of May 2020, Amazon had over 75,000 drivers either as direct employees or as one of its delivery partners.

Due to their sheer size, accidents involving 18-wheelers can be devastating. The injuries sustained by other drivers and passengers on the road can require extensive medical care, adding hefty medical bills to the pain and suffering that victims experience. If you have been the victim of a semi-truck accident, you can benefit from having an experienced Houston truck accident lawyer on your side. Many attorneys handle car accident cases, but trucking accident lawsuits are a different matter. These cases call for attorneys who understand the nuances of trucking law and know how to maximize the case value for victims to the benefit of people who have been hurt. Often, truck accident lawsuits can involve more parties who bear liability besides the driver. And, unlike an average passenger vehicle owner, trucking companies tend to have more assets and greater insurance coverage to provide for a significant payout.


Many people think that truck collision are no different from any other type of motor vehicle accident. In reality, truck accident claims are far more complicated than a typical car accident. Here is why:

  • More catastrophic injuries – The size and speed (especially on the highway) of large 18-wheelers and other trucks mean that truck accident are more likely to result in severe and catastrophic injuries. Extreme forces result when a massive truck is involved in a collision. When truck accident victims suffer more severe injuries, medical treatment is more extensive and much more expensive. Significant injuries and extensive medical treatment increase the number of damages that an accident victim will claim. More severe injuries can also mean that an accident victim will require future medical treatment after the accident claim is resolved by settlement or in court. Any compensation award must account for the accident victim’s future damages including medical expenses and care, loss of earnings, as well as human damages such as pain and physical limitations.


  • More potentially liable parties – The trucking industry includes not only truck drivers and trucking companies, but also companies such as shippers, brokers, and others. Any one of these companies may have responsibility for a truck accident. And there are times when more than one company may share fault. That makes it necessary for an accident victim or his or her attorney to thoroughly investigate and determine the causes of the accident and those responsible.


  • More state and federal regulations – The trucking industry is heavily regulated at the state and federal levels. Regulations govern the size and total weight of vehicles, the types of cargo that can be carried, how cargo must be loaded and secured, and how long drivers may be behind the wheel at any one time. When a truck driver or trucking companies disregard these regulations, an accident can be the result. Trucking companies must also document their compliance with many of these regulations. The truck driver and trucking company records can show that a failure to comply with regulations caused a truck accident.


Any crash involving a large commercial truck can be devastating for the occupants of other vehicles involved in the collision. However, the type of truck accident can affect the severity of injuries. The accident type can also indicate who may have been at fault for the crash. Examples of different types of truck accidents include:

Types of Texas Trucking Accidents

According to statistics provided by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), a total of 649 fatalities in Texas involved large trucks in 2017. This was the highest recorded number that year of any state in the country. Thus, people traveling on Texas highways may be at a higher risk of a serious or fatal truck accident while on the road compared to other areas.

Tractor-trailer accidents take many forms, and they occur for many reasons. For instance, 18-wheelers are less maneuverable than passenger cars and cannot adjust their speed as quickly.

Among the most dangerous accidents are rear-end crashes, due to the truck’s mass. Because of its size, a tractor-trailer takes much longer to stop than a normal car. If a driver is not watching the road ahead and needs to stop suddenly, any delay might cause the truck to slam into stopped vehicles ahead of it. This can seriously injure or even kill the people in the passenger vehicle.

Roll-overs occur when a truck loses traction, turns sideways and overturns, often in poor weather. In addition to the obvious risk of collision, a roll-over accident can spill potentially dangerous cargo, creating even more dangerous road conditions.

jackknife accident occurs when the trailer swings outward perpendicular to the front of the truck. This can span multiple lanes of traffic and is often the result of sudden braking. A jackknife situation can block an entire road or trap vehicles underneath the trailer.

Under-ride accidents occur when a tractor-trailer stops suddenly and a car behind it is unable to stop in time. Because the truck sits much higher off the ground than a passenger vehicle, the car can become wedged beneath the trailer.

Accidents may also be caused by malfunctioning equipment, such as failed brakes or a faulty cargo hold. A truck can be very difficult to control after a tire blowout. If a trucking company does not maintain its equipment as required under the law, the odds of a mechanical failure increase.


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